Disgusting Scammer of the Day

This pathetic low life is pretending to be a charity organisation that helps sick children. Not only is he stealing from unknowing victims that only want to help those less fortunate than themselves, but he is also denying help to the real children, by diverting funds to fund his drug addiction or laziness.

Most Cheerful Hearts Foundation
P. O. Box 065-00600 Ngara, Nairobi Kenya
+254 780 780 000

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the MOST CHEERFUL HEARTS FOUNDATION, a non profit, non political
N.G.O based in the Kambi Bulle village Isiolo County Kenya.


A. What is of paramount importance is our obligation to pay the cost of
educating the children when the parents are unable to, and fight against
HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

B. We advocate the rights of children in the line with international

C. We protect the rights of children through a long term plan of building
their capacity.

D. We provide self reliance at adulthood through career development and
technical skill training.

E. We protect the lives of the children against S.T.D and HIV-AIDS pandemic.

E. We raise consciousness about the effects on environmental degradation
on economic development.

M.C.H.F. would really appreciate your views and thoughts of the above
mentioned objectives as M.C.H.F. believe very strongly in bringing joy
into the faces of under-privileged, deprived, refugees, able and disabled
children in Kenya and other parts of Africa.

M.C.H.F. is writing to your organization primarily to affiliate with your
honorable organization to work together to help these children to be what
God wants them to be. Please, these 231 children, made up of Kenya and
Somalia refugee’s children, lack educational logistics such as children’s
literature books, computer books, used computers, educational toys,
children’s clothing and anything that will be of a great help to these
children that none of us doesn’t know what they will be come in posterity.

Anticipating your prompt reply.

Thanks & God Bless

George Henshaw
Director M.C.H.F
Tel: +254 780 780 000
Skype: mostcheerfulheartsfoundation
https://www.facebook.com/mostcheerfulhe … ation.org/